Happy New Year and a Happier New Look

Created by Rosie

Not the best way to end the year but with every cloud comes a silver lining, so they say.

every cloud has a silver lining

We had to very hurriedly re-build our website, due to a situation I won't go into yet, a few days before the Christmas break. I'd like to thank Marketing My Journey for their huge effort and help.

With a few more tweaks to make we're really happy with our new website, and more importantly, we are in total control of it. Do have a look around!

At some point we will try and get the blog re-attached to it but for now, please follow us here for updates and information on self-assessment tax returns.

n.b. UPDATE! As I copy this across, I'm happy to say the blog is attached to our website now, so please follow us here!


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