Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions relate to the provision of income tax, Self-Assessment calculation & corporation tax return services by Bettertax or any associated bodies or persons of such company, firm or organisation and shall apply in all business transactions undertaken on behalf of the client by Bettertax. These Terms and Conditions will form part of the contract between Bettertax and the ‘client’.


  • Bettertax will submit a Self-Assessment claiming the maximum refund amount possible or indeed minimising your tax bill to the lowest amount possible based upon your specific circumstances and within the legal entitlements and obligations of the client within the tax law of the United Kingdom.
  • Bettertax will submit said Self-Assessments and provide any money due back as expediently as possible, subject to the provision of the necessary documents by the client and efficient processing of any refund by HMRC.
  • Bettertax absolve themselves of any responsibility of any Self-Assessment or claim where
    1. The client has provided information which is false, inaccurate, insufficient or misleading in any way
    2. The client has already received a refund from HMRC.
    3. The client has already submitted a Self-Assessment or claim, either directly or via a third party natural or legal.
    4. The client owes money to HMRC tax authority.
    5. The client has signed a disclaimer prior to the submission of the return due to the inability to substantiate the claim


  • When the client signs a contract agreement permitting Bettertax to act as his/her agent and arranges completion and submission of Self-Assessments and/or claims, he/she is agreeing to pay the quoted fee to Bettertax for the arrangement of the service.
  • If the client has signed a contract agreement authorising Bettertax to arrange completion and submission of Self-Assessments and/or claims and has with or without his/her knowledge applied or authorised any other person, natural or legal to arrange completion of the same Self-Assessment and/or claim, he/she will owe Bettertax the fee for the arrangement of the service, regardless whether he/she has obtained a refund or benefitted in any way other than through the services of Bettertax.


Fees are worked out in accordance with employment status. (Refer to https://bettertax.org/about/tax-return-fees for information). Our service not only provides Self-Assessment tax returns & tax back services, it also brings clients up to date with their HMRC liabilities to avoid possible future fines and penalties.

  • CIS Fees: £99.99 plus 15% of any refund per tax year claimed.
  • PAYE Fees: 25% of any tax refund per tax year claimed. Please note where the achieved refund is £250 or less in any tax year we will deduct up to the first £62.50 for that year as our fee to cover our costs. “No refund- no fee “.
  • Sole trader Fees: £199.99 per tax year.
  • Limited Company fees: £375 (ex VAT) for the first 5 hours work we complete with a 6th hour free of charge should the work run over by up to 60 minutes. Any additional time charged at £75 (ex VAT) per hour.
  • Landlord/Rental property fees: £199.99 (ex VAT) or in line with PAYE/CIS fees if your return results in a refund.
  • Compliance/Investigation: FREE for any compliance case opened against work completed by Bettertax. £199.99 (ex VAT) for any compliance case opened against work, neither completed nor related to work completed by Bettertax. Particularly complex circumstances may require a larger fee and this will be assessed and agreed at the outset.
  • Child Benefit Charge (HICBC): FREE for any case opened against work completed by Bettertax. £199.99 (ex VAT) for any cases that don’t result in a refund or are completed for a self-employed sole trader. Any HICBC cases completed via Self-Assessment tax returns and result in a refund will be charged in line those set out for PAYE employees and CIS Sub-contractors.
  • All fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate


  • Where agreed, all emails to the client will be sent to the email address provided by the client at registration. Bettertax expects the client to ensure that such communication can be received and that said inbox is checked regularly and that Bettertax will be notified of any changes to phone numbers and/or postal addresses.All client information is held securely and treated as private and confidential. Any contact details will not be sold or given to 3rd parties unless we need to use debt recovery services.
  • Any information collected in writing and/ or verbally for the purpose of filing Self-Assessment tax returns can and may be provided to the relevant Tax Office.
  • If Bettertax are unable to contact the client due the client failing to provide up to date contact details, Bettertax will be absolved of all responsibility for fines/penalties issued by HMRC including late filing penalties.

Refunds / Payments

  • Bettertax will send the refund to the customer as agreed per communication with the customer. The usual method is by bank transfer but Bettertax also offer payment by cheque. Bettertax will deduct its fee and any necessary tax from the amount approved for the client.

Invoice Payments

  • In the event that no tax has been paid in advance of any Self-Assessment or claim, Bettertax will send an invoice with an agreed owed fee to the customer. Invoice payment terms are strictly 14 calendar days.

An invoice will also be sent in the following circumstances:

  • In the event that a client refund is not issued directly to Bettertax by HMRC in the form of a bank transfer or cheque, the client is legally bound to pay our fee. An example is having the refund reimbursed by decreasing tax liabilities (via a tax code change). The refund service was organised by Bettertax, the refund entitlement arose from the work we had undertaken on the client’s behalf and request and our fee would be calculated on that basis.
  • In the event of a refund being sent directly to the client by HMRC without Bettertax’s authorisation, the client is legally bound to pay the agreed fee. We will take all and necessary action to retrieve any fees owed.
  • A cancellation fee of £75 will be due in the event of a client cancelling a claim after the 14 day ‘cool down’ period unless otherwise agreed with an authorised member of Bettertax management.

Creditor Policy and Debt Recovery

  • Any customer in receipt of an invoice which has surpassed the 14 day payment terms will be considered a creditor to Bettertax. All creditors of Bettertax will be entered into a debt recovery process via a 3rd party if no resolution can be agreed between said creditor and Bettertax.

Changes and Amendments

  • Bettertax reserves the right to refuse to process and submit any return to HMRC without reason.
  • Bettertax reserve the right to amend or add to these terms and conditions should the need arise. Such changes will be posted on the Bettertax website: https://bettertax.org/terms-and-conditions

Contractual Agreement

  • The submission of a registration to Bettertax by web, post, hand, fax or email constitutes agreement to these terms and conditions including amendments there to.
  • By signing up to the Bettertax service you accept that as a client of Bettertax you may be contacted by any communication method available in order to process your claim giving Bettertax explicit permission to make contact via phone, text message/SMS, email and post in accordance with GDPR unless services are terminated & said permission is revoked in writing. 
  • See:

Cancellation Policy

  • If you wish to cancel the Self-Assessment tax returns service we provide, you may do so within 14 days of signing our contract & registration forms, outside of this period we operate a strict no cancellation policy. If you do wish to cancel within this 14 day period, we will take care of closing your account with HMRC.
  • We will view the inability to contact a client or the failure of a client to respond to any correspondence from Bettertax over a 12 week period as a cancellation of the claim on their part. This will result in the client being invoiced for the services provided to date:

    Administration – £75
    PAYE Return – As per fee structure
    CIS Return – As per fee structure
    Self-employed Return – As per fee structure
    Limited Company Returns – As per fee structure.
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