We're offering £100 for every 5 qualifying Tradesmen you recommend!

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Now with MONTHLY and ANNUAL CASH Draw Prizes!

bettertax cash prizes for referrals


 We've recovered millions of pounds for trades people and know there's plenty still out there who could benefit from our work, so please encourage your friends and colleagues to get in touch.

Make sure that they give your name and we’ll keep a note of it, so once you get to 5 qualifying referrals, we'll send you a cheque for £100 or send it straight into your account...Recommend 5 more and we'll send you another £200. That's a massive £300 for 10 successfully claiming friends! It's actually 50% more than our leading competitor pays for referrals.
There's no limit on referrals so you've nothing to lose and potentially £1000's to earn...Not to mention a few drinks from the people you've recommended once they receive their payouts.

Cheers, Bettertax
refer a mate have a beer on Bettertax
Call us now for more info: 01280 821020
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