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It's always alarming how many PAYE employees are not aware that they are due a PAYE tax rebate. This could simply be because they have paid too much tax via their tax code being incorrect. That's not the only reason though.

As a construction tradesmen, there is every chance that you are required to travel and work on different sites using your own vehicle. You may be engaged as an Offshore Oil and Gas Rig Worker, which involves travel to heliports.

The MOD and HMRC have agreed that certain travel between home and assigned base (if less than 2 years), also qualifies for tax back.

Being a healthcare worker you use your own vehicle to travel from appointment to appointment with little or no reimbursement, which is a valid work expense and can have the tax claimed back.

The rules regarding tax rebates for PAYE workers are complex. They differ to how self-employed people can claim. This is reason enough to speak with us as experts in PAYE tax refunds and PAYE tax rebates.

Do I qualify for a PAYE Tax Refund and how do I apply?

Generally, if you work under the PAYE system but are incurring work based expenses for mileage, products or services you’re neither provided with or indeed fully reimbursed for by your company, you’re entitled to a PAYE tax refund. A quick phone call will easily confirm your eligibility and we can then organise for a registration pack to be sent out to you.

Keeping accurate records with P45s & P60’s for each tax year will dramatically speed up your self-assessment tax return form submission and PAYE tax refund turnaround time, so please try to look after them.


How long does it take to get a PAYE Tax Refund?

From submitting your tax refund registration forms to payout of your tax rebate can take as little as 8 weeks.

Why choose Bettertax?

Having been thoroughly vetted by HMRC in 2013, Bettertax not only deliver excellent customer service but our tax returns service is also considered “low risk” by HMRC, which in turn offers better security for our clients’ refund claims or tax returns than other tax agencies.


What are your charges?

paye tax refunds chargesAs a PAYE professional who wants to claim back the tax on your expenses our fee is 25% of the tax refund achieved for each tax year claimed. If we don’t get you a refund, you won’t pay a penny, so you can rest assured that we’ll do everything in our power to get you the best tax rebate possible. Please note where the achieved refund is £250 or less in any tax year we will deduct up to the first £62.50 for that year as our fee to cover our costs.” No refund- no fee “. Fee is subject to VAT.


Read more in our Tax Returns FAQs or simply call 01280 821020 and ask, or click the “Start Your Tax Refund” button below. 



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