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 tax refunds for oil rig workers

Working in the Offshore Industry

offshore oil rig worker tax refundsOur core work, and where Bettertax developed, is within the construction industry. We work with a great many offshore workers and through our experience of working with them and closely with HMRC, we know the rules and what can and can't be claimed for within the offshore industry.

Our clients range from scaffolders, riggers and roughnecks (to name a few of the professions on rigs and platforms) to the windfarm technicians. 

Be aware of any agent claiming you are offshore and eligible for sea-farers tax treatment. If you work within the UK Continental Shelf you are subject to UK tax. Some years ago we were prompted to write the article  Offshore Rig Workers and Sea-Farers Tax - Dispelling The Myths, which is still relevant.

Why should I be owed tax back

All offshore workers have to travel to a heliport or airport (Scatsta for example). Some employers give an allowance for travel for home to heliport, but many do not. We can assist you in claiming back tax on that travel.

The temporary workplace rules for the claims are complex, as you can see. It is our job to navigate them for your personal situation. Depending on your employment, there are other items that can be claimed for against the tax you have paid.

I am registered and paid under CIS, self-employed

If this is you, our CIS Tax Refunds page will give more information or just get in touch for a quick chat! The majority of our CIS clients enjoy a tax refund and it can be as much as £2500. Being CIS will often mean that you will be taxed by all your contractors so you will have overpaid tax, before you start getting into any expenses claims.

I am employed and paid PAYE

It became very apparent to us that many people coming to us for help with their tax were PAYE. For the majority of people in any profession being paid PAYE, there would be no need to complete a self-assessment tax return and claim back tax.

However, because of the way the construction industry works and many of the workforce find themselves travelling all over the country to work, there are often work related expenses that do not get fully reimbursed by the employer, or reimbursed at all.

Provided that expense is "wholly, necessarily and exclusively" incurred in relation to work, a tax claim is necessary to get relief on those expenses, the biggest of which will always be use of your own vehicle or other travel to get to the different sites you work at.

Always keep an eye on your tax code. HMRC can get this wrong which can mean over or under paying tax, neither of which you want to do.

If this is you, our PAYE Tax Refunds page will give more information or just get in touch for a quick chat! The majority of our PAYE clients enjoy a tax refund.

I am CIS and PAYE

Very often your employment can cross over between the two and it can become confusing, especially when it comes to tax time. If you are unsure how to categorise yourself, give us a quick call 01280 821020 and we'll be happy to help and advise.

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