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Working in the Construction Industry - CIS

tax returns for construction workersOur core work, and where Bettertax developed, is within the construction industry. The construction industry workforce is quite unique in how it is made up and HMRC have, over time, introduced different ways of making sure tax is paid correctly.

Many workers are expected to travel around the country using their own car or paying for travel themselves to where construction projects are in progress and by far, mileage tax claims will make up the majority of a CIS tax refund or reduce a tax bill.

I am registered and paid under CIS, self-employed

Being registered and paid under the CIS scheme means you are basically self-employed. Originally introduced in 1996, the scheme was revised in 2006 to ease the burden on both contractors, paying the sub-contractor and deducting tax and assist HMRC in keeping track on the tax paid.

If this is you, our CIS Tax Refund page will give more information or just get in touch for a quick chat! The majority of our CIS clients enjoy a tax refund and it can be as much as £2500.

I am employed and paid PAYE

It became very apparent to us that many people coming to us for help with their tax were PAYE. For the majority of people in any profession being paid PAYE, there would be no need to complete a self assessment tax return and claim back tax.

However, because of the way the construction industry works and many of the workforce find themselves travelling all over the country to work, there are often work related expenses that do not get fully reimbursed by the employer, or reimbursed at all.

Provided that expense is "wholly, necessarily and exclusively" incurred in relation to work, a tax claim is necessary to get a tax rebate on those expenses, the biggest of which will always be use of your own vehicle or other travel to get to the different sites you work at.

If this is you, our PAYE Tax Refunds page will give more information or just get in touch for a quick chat! The majority of our PAYE clients enjoy a tax refund.

I'm a Sole Trader working for myself

Sole traders differ from CIS self-employed in as much as they are responsible for their own payments of tax and NI. At the end of the tax year, the deadline is 31st January the following year, they submit a self-assessment tax return showing their earnings, profits and expenses. The tax they owe, as they will not have paid any, is calculated and they pay it. 

Our Sole-Trader Tax Returns page explains more but do get in touch for a quick chat!

I am CIS and PAYE

Very often your employment can cross over between the two and it can become confusing, especially when it comes to tax time. If you are unsure how to categorise yourself, give us a quick call and we'll be happy to help and advise.

Why choose Bettertax?

Having been thoroughly vetted by HMRC in 2013, Bettertax not only deliver excellent customer service but our tax returns service is also considered “low risk” by HMRC, which in turn offers better security for our clients’ refund claims or tax returns than other tax agencies.

Read more in our Tax Returns FAQs or simply call 01280 821020 and ask, or click the “Start Your Tax Refund” button below.



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