Are You Due A Tax Refund?

It's still very surprising how many tax payers are not aware that they could be claiming a tax refund or should be completing a self assessment tax return form. Our service is a complete self assessment tax return service - if for any reason you need to complete one, we can help.

Bettertax was originally created to advise and provide a service to the construction industry workforce. However, our expertise has not been limited to these workers and we find ourselves becoming involved with other professions who need our service.

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Whether you are working as a self-employed (CIS) sub-contractor on a large construction site or a PAYE employee working for a small local company, if you incur work related expenses - generally on use of your own vehicle to travel to different sites - you should be claiming tax back.

Read more on our Construction Worker Tax Returns page.

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Offshore Workers

The rules surrounding tax rebates for workers offshore on oil rigs and platforms are complex but we are here to work out with you what you should be claiming back. If you are not fully reimbursed for travel to heliports, you should be doing a tax return.

Read more on our Offshore Worker Tax Returns page.

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MOD Armed Forces

If you are using your own vehicle to travel to temporary bases (less than 2 years on one base) from home, or travelling home from abroad (on leave) without receiving full reimbursement through your tax, you can claim a tax rebate.

Read more on our MOD Armed Forces Tax Returns page.


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Healthcare Professionals

We've been assisting carers, midwives, nurses and others in community practice for quite some years. Unlike other tax agents in this field, we don't leave you to fill in your own tax return - we help you so that you get everything back that you're entitled to.

Read more on our Healthcare Workers Tax Returns page.

The above professions are by no means the only ones that could be successfully claiming back tax. We can help any tax payer who incurs work related expenses that they do not receive full reimbursement for.

If you are not sure whether you would qualify for a tax rebate, do call and we can very quickly assess your eligibility, advising you of the best way to proceed.




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