The Bettertax Fair Fees Structure

We have consistently reviewed our fees from the outset of trading and believe this fee structure is the fairest for each employment status for all self assessment tax returns services we offer.

Remember, the fee is not just for the tax return we assist you with and submit to HMRC. You also get:

1. Tax advice for the year, as much as you need

2. Tax code changing service if needed

3. We take care of any compliance procedures, dealing with HMRC questions for you

4. Mortgage or rent references

And more!


cis tax returns fees


CIS Tax Returns

If you work under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) you are legally obliged to complete a tax return. Our fee is £99.99 plus 15% of the tax refund we’re able to obtain for each tax year we complete. Fee is subject to VAT.


paye tax returns fees


PAYE Tax Returns

As a PAYE professional who wants to claim back the tax on your expenses our fee is 25% of the tax refund achieved for each tax year claimed. If we don’t get you a refund, you won’t pay a penny, so you can rest assured that we’ll do everything in our power to get you the best tax rebate possible. Please note where the achieved refund is £250 or less in any tax year we will deduct up to the first £62.50 for that year as our fee to cover our costs.” No refund- no fee “. Fee is subject to VAT.

paye tax refunds on work expenses

sole trader tax returns fees


Sole Trader Tax Returns

If you are a Self-Employed Sole Trader who doesn’t pay tax at source under CIS, you are legally obliged to complete a tax return and will of course receive a tax bill for everything you earn above the personal allowance. Our fee is £199.99 for each tax year we complete. Fee is subject to VAT.

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