Charity - We can all do our bit!

Thank you for taking part in our Christmas Charity donation poll. Your vote has helped to decide how much each of the three chosen charities receives.

This Christmas instead of sending all our clients a card, we decided to donate the money to charities. We will be donating £4500. The charity with the most votes will receive £2250, the 2nd will receive £1500 and 3rd £750.

Our chosen charities are:

Construction Youth Trust is a charity helping young people in England and Wales to build better futures by giving them access to training, education and employment opportunities in the construction industry.

 Child Povert Action Group is a leading charity working on child poverty in the UK, who provide high quality evidence to policy-makers on the causes, impacts and solutions to child poverty.
Drawing on 50 years of experience and expertise, they devise and promote solutions they know will lift children and families out of poverty. They work with partners across the sector to advocate for and implement innovative solutions to child poverty.

Sapper Support ‘Voted Best New Charity 2017 by Charity Times Awards’

Initially designed to help sappers, particularly suffering PTSD, they have rapidly adapted and are not solely limited to helping those with PTSD. There are other forms of mental health issues which they help with by giving emotional, physical, financial support and signposting to other agencies. 

As soon as all the votes are in and counted, we will announce where the money went.

Thanks again for taking part.

Bettertax are fully committed to giving something back to the community and as a national company with no regional specialisation, we’ve always looked to work closely with national charities. 



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