Tradesmen: Claiming Tax Back Time Again!

Created by Rosie

Roll up, roll up! 6th April heralds the start of the new tax year - shame it can't be described in a more exciting way, like Chinese New Year! The Year of the Tax Back Snake perhaps!

year of taxback snake

Bettertax make the process of claiming your tax back as simple and easy as possible. Being tradesman's tax specialists, we know our way round tax returns like you know your way round a double arm or level.

CIS and self employed workers can begin the claims process as soon after 6th April as they like. You should have all your receipts from expenses incurred over the year and UTR payslips together - we always advise using a simple 12 envelopes or plastic wallets, for each month of the year to put these items into.

PAYE people need to wait until they receive their P60, which is usually in May. This evidences how much tax has already been paid. You should also have adopted the 12 envelope system to keep proof of all expenses over the year.

We can help you register for self assessment (if you aren't already) and kick start the whole process - all with one phone call.

Don't put off claiming back what is rightfully yours. Speak to you soon!

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