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Created by Rosie

Imitation is not always the best form of flattery!

Although we have been aware of the existence of a company using a trading name very silimar (if not identical) to ours, because it didn't seem to be an active company, we haven't been concerned.

However, over the past few days, a number of clients have asked about our "Glasgow" office.

We just want everyone to be aware of "imposters", trading on the success of the Bettertax name to gain or lure clients, who were genuinely looking for us.

Bettertax Organisation only trades from one office based in Buckingham. Any papers we send to you for signing and completion will always have our distinctive orange and blue logo, along with our "dudes".

bettertax dudes

To be specific, we are not a general accountancy company - Bettertax is a specialist tradesmen's tax refund agency, we only work with people in the trades and construction industry, paid CIS (self-employed), Sole Traders or PAYE.

Just be aware that if you're looking to use Bettertax for tax advice and our tax returns service, we are in Buckingham on 01280 821020 - look out for the Bettertax Dudes!


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