Self Assessment is NOT Self Employment

Created by Rosie


If you're one of our clients, you will have been set up for self assessment.


You will receive a letter from HMRC stating this.


DON'T PANIC! Because you’re incurring expenses in excess of £2500 a year, this is what we do for you, and how it has to be set up.


Nothing changes for you, you remain exactly as you are. Millions of people up & down the country have been registered and completing self assessments for years without ever working a day self employed in their life.


Signing with Bettertax simply gives you the opportunity to claim back tax overpaid on expenses incurred as part of your job.


You need to take no action... we do everything for you. If you have any questions or simply want to put your mind at rest, please pick up the phone and call us. 01280 821020 We’re happy to help.


Your tax code may have changed so please, if you haven't already, read this post too.


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