Remember! Tax Deadline Day 31st January!

Created by Rosie

November not even over, December and Christmas still weeks away, not even thinking about New Year celebrations yet!

Before you know it, the tree is a pile of needles and you never want to see a turkey again! We all know too well how quickly those weeks pass though.

I just thought a brief reminder about 31st January tax deadline day might jog a few of you into wondering whether you'd like some of your hard earned money back?

Bettertax do specialise in claiming tax back for construction industry workers, CIS or PAYE, but we are increasingly acting for other professions, carers and healthcare workers for example.

receipts for good tax returns

Basically, if you incur work related expenses, and can provide evidence of such expenditure, we can help you claim back that tax. The most obvious expense would be travel expenses but equipment and uniform costs can also be claimed.

Some people are not always aware that they should be or could be submitting a self assessment tax return (remember - self-assessment is NOT self employment!) and we are always on hand to ask. The longer you leave it, you could also be missing out on claiming on previous years, as claims can only be submitted on the last four years.

Give us a quick call now if you want to know more!


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