Bessie Tax - diary of a new Bettertax team member

Created by Rosie

My working career started with Ennis Construction, up in Salford, in 2004. I formed part of their fleet and happily went where I was told to, site to site. I wasn't a great looker but I made up for that in functionality - I guess I was a bit of a work horse!


I was looked after well, regularly serviced and generally cared for. I thought I was appreciated because I did work really hard, but when Ennis went into administration (due to the hard times for construction in recent years), I wasn't looking quite so good and in fact, I wasn't really very well - sold at auction as a non runner, no less :(.


My memory gets a little hazy, it was an unhappy time for me. I went through a few hands before being found by my present owners, Bettertax! Seems like I was just what they were looking for, to take their service out on the road visiting... construction sites! Oh the synchronicity!

Anyway, all this excitement has made me a little sleepy. I will continue my story tomorrow. See you then :).

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