Choosing The Best Tax Agent For You!


The self-assessment tax returns market has become very competitive with tax agents springing up everywhere. Their competence can range from highly qualified general accountants to "Dave, the bloke on site who can do it for £50"!

By far the best way to find the tax agent for you is by referral from someone who has experienced and been pleased with the service they received. At Bettertax more than 75% of our clients have come from referrals. Our niche tradesman market know us and trust us and are happy to refer us. Competence and expert knowledge to complete your tax return in your sphere of work – that is what is most important.

Can your agent say YES to the following:

Are they experts in your profession, knowing exactly what can and can’t be claimed for?
Do they have independent reviews and testimonials?
Do they have a website, a landline number and a business address?
Do they assist you personally in completing all necessary forms or do they just facilitate an online form you complete yourself?
Does their service stop at doing your tax return or are they available to give FREE advice and HMRC assistance all year?
Are their fees absolutely transparent – are there hidden extras?
If you’re investigated, do they have dedicated staff to see you through and is this sevice free?
How available are the agents via email or telephone – or social media platforms?
Is the tax agency registered with HMRC?
Have they been given a “Low Risk” status by HMRC, meaning more safety and security for any tax refund you receive?
Does the agent complete your tax return via the internet?
Do they have direct access to HMRC personnel?

Bettertax certainly can say YES to all these points and more. 


If the service you are being offered sounds too good to be true, really cheap but big refund, it may be worth walking away. (Our "High Volume, High Risk Tax Agents and HMRC" article linked above explains more on this). HMRC usually does not query a return until up to a year later. Your “agent”, like "Dave", may have disappeared by then.

Remember that doing a "Google" search doesn't always give the results you want - the top 3 to 4 results are paid for and HMRC take up many "organic" top spots.

Get in touch if you have any questions, concerns or worries about your tax. We're happy to help!


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