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Can I get a mobile app?

Well the short answer is no but not because we haven't spent a lot of time considering it, we have.

Everyone wants apps for everything so it was only natural for us to research & trial a number of solutions that 'could' work for you.

We also spent a lot of time looking at an online client portal but have come to the conclusion that our process (much like lots of other things that may seem a little dated) just works better for everyone.

Our service allows you to choose how you want to send your receipts and data - iMessage, WhatsApp, Txt, Facebook, email or even with the good old Royal Mail.

Whichever way you choose to send it, we have someone on hand to personally sort, log and file scanned copies of all the relevant claimable data into your secure personal vault.




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  • No logging in & having to remember ridiculous usernames &/or passwords.

  • No chance of anything you send being lost.

  • No chasing after things you've sent that hasn’t been picked up in a timely manner.

  • No conforming to particular formats or file sizes to send us anything.

  • No time spent trying to work out which receipts & information are relevant & claimable.


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  • You can simply send your receipts, data & information by whichever format suits you best.

  • We do all the sorting, identifying all relevant receipts & information for you at the earliest opportunity once received.

  • We process the data & information securely for you & save it in your personal data vault, which we can access at any time and is of course securely backed-up to the cloud.

  • Anytime you want an update, there’s always someone to speak with you or answer messages.

  • We’ll update you at every stage, letting you know what we have & what we may still need to ensure that the entire process is as efficient as possible to get your refund to you faster.

As has always been the way here at Bettertax, we want to offer the most personal service possible & don't believe that removing the opportunity to support you with what we need from you & of course answer any questions you have at any stage in the process for the sake of supposed convenience would be to your benefit.


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