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The Tax Returns & Refunds Specialists


Bettertax has always been committed to the construction industry and related working communities. Our aim always was and remains to be the number one tax returns, refunds and rebates company for all tradesmen, CIS, Sole Traders and PAYE.

Our expertise has taken us organically into other professional arenas and we welcome anyone incurring work related expenses who want to claim their due tax back.


History and Formation

Bettertax was founded by certified accountants and tax professionals drawing on over 60 years of specialist experience in dealing with the Inland Revenue and more specifically on the tax returns of the self employed workforce. Together with the knowledge and skills of other IT specialists, Tax Agents and Self Assessment dedicated Accountants, we developed what is now the ‘Bettertax’ Tax Returns and Refunds Service.

Why Choose Bettertax?

During 2013, Bettertax voluntarily went through the very rigorous HMRC compliance process. Our business practices in completing tax returns was completely checked. HMRC have approved our working standards and we are proud to say that we are now one of very few tax agents considered ‘Low Risk’, meaning very few tax agents can offer better security for your refund claim or tax return than us.

“I am happy to say that Bettertax's processes and procedures put them in a much better position to ensure accurate Returns”
HM Inspector of Taxes

Award Winning

Since our founding we have established Bettertax as a market leader, gaining an award as the UK's no. 1 independently rated construction industry tax agents.


Our company motto is that ‘Everybody matters or nobody matters’ and so we do everything in our power to ensure that everyone is provided with  the best level of service, professionalism and respect possible from the first time we speak. Service is at the heart of everything we do and is a major part of what we believe sets us apart from our competition.


Our system truly maximises how much can be legally claimed back on your behalf from HMRC. We consistently and substantially out-perform our competitors and conventional accountancy practices and yet our exceptional service is charged at an extremely competitive rate.



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