Tax Refund and Self Assessment Tax Returns


Tax refund claims and self assessment tax returns can be completed by anyone who incurs work related expenses that are not re-imbursed fully or at all by an employer.

Work related expenses can be:

Using your own vehicle to work on different construction sites
Offshore oil and gas workers travel expenses from home to heliport to get to the rig or platform
Tradesmen buying your own tools
Maintaining a workwear uniform, providing your own PPE

Our expertise is with:

Construction worker tradesmen, self-employed (CIS), Sole Traders and PAYE employees 

Offshore Oil and Gas Rig and Platforms workers

MOD Armed Forces

Healthcare Professionals

If any of these examples apply to you and you'd like to know more, contact us by phone 01280 821020 or use our request a callback form. We can assist anyone due a tax refund or rebate needing to complete a self assessment tax return form.

At Bettertax we work hard to ensure the security of your tax refund or claim, coupled with excellent customer service. HMRC have given our working practices a big thumbs up too - something very few tax agents can claim.

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CIS / Self-Employed


CIS professional's are legally obliged to complete a self-assessment tax re


turn. You've more than likely overpaid tax and can also claim tax back on other work related expenses.







As a PAYE construction tradesmen, if you incur any work related expenses that do not get fully reimbursed by your employer,Screw-sticker

we can help you complete a self-assessment tax return to claim back against your tax.

Self-assessment does NOT mean self-employment!




Sole Traders


As a Sole Trader, you are legally obliged to complete a self-assessment tax return. We can help you reduce your end of year tax bill by ensuring your

Tax returns hammer

return is completed thoroughly.








MOD Armed Forces

The MOD and HMRC have confirmed that tax refunds are available for service personnel, present & past. Travelling from your assigned base, of less than 2 ymod armed forces tax refundsears, to home would mean eligibility to a mileage claim - of up to £3000 in some cases!




Offshore Oil Rig Workers


If you are travelling to a heliport to work offshore, you could be entitled to claim a tax refund on your mileage from your home to the port. It's easy to find out if you are - call us! offshore oil rig worker tax refunds






Healthcare Workers


Community healthcare carers, midwives, social workers often use their own vehicles to get around their daily appointments, with little or no tax refunds Start claiming the tax back now - we'll help you!







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