Bettertax Higher Vision Competition


We've received alot of interest in our stylish hi-vis vests – well, we would! So, we've decided to broaden our hi-vis horizons with a photo competition

Whmitchells-scaffs-win-hi-vis-competitionat We Want is pictures of you and/or the Bettertax vest in significant places of interest around the country or indeed the world. Perhaps you'll be on a rig, atop The Shard, the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty, next to the Sphinx, the Taj Mahal or even reclining with the Buddha.

Don't worry if like us, you don't get out much, creativity and imagination will carry as much weight as simply being somewhere exotic (no, not erotic – this isn't Readers' Wives goes Hi Vis) so don't be put off sending pics of you and your pals doing a hi-vis human pyramid at your local.

Remember we want to be able to publish your pix of the vest, so don't send anything that would make your Nan drop her shopping and of course we want to be sending prizes out, not flowers to funerals, so please ensure that all other PPE and necessary safety equipment is applied before trying anything stupid, ha-ha.

We will judge all pictures we receive, via Facebook, Scaffs forum, Twitter or any of the other social network sites below. Our decisions will be final. The prizes will of course be generous & pleasing. Each quarter we would like to purchase the winning entry a gift to the sum of £100, or we can arrange a donation to the winners chosen charity.

Our one criteria is that the Bettertax logo is visible in the picture and you are in construction.

Competitions will run from October to December, from January to March, from April to June and from July to September. Given that a lot of people go abroad during the Summer July to September months, we've decided that we'll announce two winners for this period.

We would love this competition to be an ongoing event, so your participation and enthusiasm is essential. Obviously having a vest in the winning shot is the objective, so if you don't already have one, get in touch and we'll send one out!

For a list of winners and their prizes, please check out our Hi Vis Winners


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